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We believe that the breadth and experience of our PLC capability is unrivalled.  We provide training on 18 leading manufacturers systems and for a number of these manufacturers we actually run their training business for them.

Variable Speed Drives
We offer a comprehensive range of introductory and generic courses on AC & DC Drives.  We have developed working partnerships with a number of leading Drives manufacturers and can offer specific courses aimed at maintenance personnel.

Servo Control
We offer introductory and generic courses on servo and motion control systems.  We are able to provide training on the latest Rockwell ControlLogix ULTRA 3000 digital servo controller with SERCOS as well as other leading manufacturers' systems.

HMI Panels
HMI display panels are increasingly being used to provide first-line diagnostics and as an operator interface.  We provide training on most leading manufacturers' HMIs and offer courses that address the needs of maintenance personnel and different courses covering screen design and editing for those who need to modify and improve existing applications.

Fieldbus networking
Courses are available covering leading fieldbus systems including Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus and ASi.  Electrical and engineering managers are increasingly realising the importance of maintenance personnel having a good understanding of fieldbuses because they are an integral part of modern PLC based control systems.

We are able to offer training on a number of leading SCADA packages.

Networking & Communications
Training is available on a range of industrial networking options including Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Interbus, ASi and Industrial Ethernet.

Troubleshooting PLC based Control Systems: Part 1
Part 1 covers the fundamentals of PLCs; what they are, how they work and what they do.  The course is based around three of the most popular PLCs (Siemens S5, Allen Bradley SLC 500 & Mitsubishi FX Series) and covers system hardware, first line diagnostics, addressing and relay replacement instructions sufficient to equip maintenance craftsmen to be able to distinguish between PLC and machine faults and to be able to relate electrical drawings and PLC program printouts to machine status and I/O LEDs.

Troubleshooting PLC based Control Systems: Part 2
This course builds on the basics of Siemens S5, Allen Bradley SLC 500 & Mitsubishi FX Series PLCs covered in Part 1, to include low level use of the programmer/monitor to interrogate the PLC on-line for diagnostics, system and I/O status.  The ability to check the status of internal flags, examine timers and counters and check the validity of programs is covered for each of Siemens S5, Allen Bradley SLC 500 & Mitsubishi FX Series.

Industrial Electrics and Control Fundamentals: Part 1
This course covers essential basic electrical and safety fundamentals required for maintenance personnel working in and around control panels and electrical control gear.  A range of common industrial electrical components are included with delegates being able to identify the component and distinguish between a good and a bad one.  The basics of AC and DC motors are covered together with setting and resetting MCBs, RCDs and overloads.

Industrial Electrics and Control Fundamentals: Part 2
The Part 2 course builds on the foundations of Part 1 and includes further fault finding practical experience on a range of modern control components and equipment and includes practicals with a range of sensors, safety relays and variable speed drives and basic PLCs.

Introduction to Automation & Control Systems
A 3 day skills-update course which introduces a range of modern control techniques (PLC, inverters, servos, steppers), communications and networking and covers the operation of a range of modern field sensors and actuators.  The course was originally intended for mechanical engineers who have had little involvement with modern controls and who are expected to work with and on modern machines and processes.

Electrical Health & Safety
As you probably already know, the law requires that people working on or around machinery & systems powered by electricity, must be given appropriate training. Do you know what this means?
A number of our clients have had visits from the HSE & sites have been found to be wanting.  Do you have procedures for safe working? Are they sound? Do your people have the essential under-pinning Electrical Health & Safety knowledge, have they been taken through the procedures & demonstrated competence?
Do you have the supporting documentary evidence? Have you done enough?

Our focus on these courses is Electrical Health & Safety. We have a 1 day course for qualified and experienced ELECTRICIANS & a 2 day course for NON-ELECTRICAL personnel. The course provides an excellent preparation for your essential site–specific training but also provides an important reminder for those who you may have trained some years ago.
An experienced industrial electrician who recently attended the 1 day course commented that he was “surprised at how much I had forgotten that I knew”. Very often, with Electrical Health & Safety, there are no second chances!
17th Edition I.E.E. Wiring Regulations
3 day course leading to C&G 2382-10 standard.  Delegates can sit the C&G 2382 Exam on dates throughout the year.

17th Edition I.E.E. Wiring Regulations Inspect, Test & Certificate
A 3 day course for electrical personnel who are familiar with BS 7671 or who have attended the 16th/17th Edition I.E.E. Wiring Regulations Course and who need to expand their knowledge and gain experience of inspection and testing procedures to provide an inspection and test facility.  Delegates can sit the C&G 2392-20 Exam at the end of the course.
  There is an optional 3 day prep course (Fundamentals of Verification 2392-10) which can be attended prior to the exam which will increase the likelihood of a successful result.

PAT Testing
With more and more companies needing to stay within the law without having to increase additional regular costs by using contractors, the requirement to offer Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) training has increased significantly.  Our course is supported by Seaward who are the leading supplier of the right test equipment.

Process Instrumentation
With the demise of the customer training arms of major Control & Instrumentation manufacturers & suppliers & with the lack of training investment by many end-users in recent years, companies are now realising how vulnerable they are with the shortage of experienced instrument technicians available today.  Our fundamentals course sets out to cover the basic principles of control & instrumentation & can give both electrical & non-electrical maintenance personnel an excellent insight into the requirements of maintaining & troubleshooting a range of process instrumentation.

In conjunction with the leading robot manufacturer Fanuc, we have developed a “Fundamentals of Robotics for Maintenance People” course which covers important basic knowledge for maintenance teams and serves as a primer for those going on to attend specific programming courses with the robot manufacturer.

Introduction to Pneumatics & Hydraulics
A 5 day programme covering the fundamentals of Pneumatics and Hydraulics for personnel involved with first-line maintenance. 

Basic Pneumatics
A 3 day course for maintenance personnel covering safe working practices when dealing with compressed air, reading and understanding drawings and pneumatic circuits and the operation of principle pneumatic components.

Basic Mechanical Maintenance
A 3 day course covering the safe use of hand tools and basic fitting practices and includes the fault-find and repair of mechanical equipment including removing, stripping and rebuilding pumps, gearboxes and bearings and the alignment of chains, belts and couplings.

We have provided CNC training for a number of years and, in addition to generic courses, we can offer manufacturer-specific training on a number of leading CNC systems.  

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