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City & Guilds 18th Edition Amendment 2 Wiring Regulations

City & Guilds 2382-22 Qualification

Our 3 day course provides delegates with all that is required to gain a pass in this current version of the Wiring Regulations.

The 18th Edition Amendment 2 Wiring Regulations

Course Overview
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City & Guilds 18th Edition - 2382-18

The new 18th Edition Amendment 2 Wiring Regulations come into effect on 28th March 2022 with immediate effect.


Do I need to do the C&G 2382-22, 18th Edition Amendment 2 Wiring Regulations course & exam?

Although it is not a legal requirement to have the C&G or EAL 18th Edition Amendment 2 Wiring Regulations qualification, it is essential that people working on domestic, commercial or industrial installations are up to date with the current Wiring & Installation Standards & that they (or the Company) have the evidence to support this.  People who are working on or around new or existing installations need to understand what is & what is not acceptable, what is considered safe, what is considered dangerous & to be able to do the necessary calculations to determine cable sizes, loads & the capacity of various electrical components.  Systems & installations that your people may be working on (even if they are old installations) in terms of Electrical Safety & Compliance become the responsibility of the last person (or company) to have worked on them.  For this reason alone, your Company has to ensure that work is done properly & to the current standards.

Some companies tell us that they do not require their Electrical or Multiskilled maintenance personnel to undertake “Installation” work. They say that any Installation work will be done by external contractors. Where this is the case, we do offer alternative options which do satisfy the legal requirement for companies to make sure their people have had training appropriate for their job role, especially where the requirement is for Safe Working. We know that in the industrial environment, the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations only apply up to the point of electrical isolation. Inside control panels there is a different set of Regulations (BS EN-60204). However, BS EN-60204 is still based on the 18th Edition & it would be difficult to argue that knowledge of the Current Wiring Regulations was not important for both Electrical & Multiskilled maintenance personnel in industry.


And finally, even more important

Don’t forget, the Wiring Regulations is a bit like the Highway Code.  Knowing the Highway Code does not make a good (or safe) driver.  The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations is pure theory.  The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations does not contain any practical; it is not a measure or indication of Safe Working, it is however guidance on how to build & maintain safe electrical systems.

If companies want to satisfy the demands of the HSE, they have a legal responsibility to provide appropriate Electrical Safety training.  Additionally, those companies need to operate a Safety Culture on-site & people need to be practically assessed in order to demonstrate that they know how to Work Safely.  The starting point should be that companies have their own appointed Electrical Duty Holder.  We have a 1 day Electrical Duty Holder course.  The Electrical Duty Holder is the person who “carries the can” for Electrical Policy & Safe Systems of Work on-site. 

We also have a 1 day Electrical H&S, Safe Electrical Isolation, Resetting Trips & Overloads course for shop-floor maintenance personnel, production people & line operators.  Clients tell us that they have been recommended by the HSE to contact us regarding their Electrical Safety training requirements as we not only provide thorough training but we also provide Competency Logs for both Safe Electrical Isolation & another for Resetting Trips & Overloads.  The First-stage Competency Checks are completed during the course but importantly the Competency Logs allow for further reinforcement back on-site & for review & re-check on a future date as required.

Click to learn more about our Electrical Duty Holder course or Electrical H&S, Safe Electrical Isolation, Resetting Trips & Overloads courses.


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