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Making a booking
Course bookings can be made via letter, fax, email or phone.  On receipt of your verbal or written instructions we will reserve the course place(s) for you & we will send you confirmation of the Booking.  We no longer take Provisional Bookings as we have found that too many companies have been disappointed when course places which were only provisionally held have been subsequently booked, confirmed & taken up by others.  To confirm your Booking, we ask you to check & complete the details on the Booking Form with P.O. & your signature.  If we have not received your signed Booking Form & P.O. within 2-3 days, we will call to remind you.  However, where there is less than 20 working days before the start of the course(s) or where the Booking has been in place for a minimum of 20 working days (& not cancelled by you in writing) the booking will be deemed to have been Confirmed.  The course place(s) will be kept for you & cancellation charges may apply.  We will need your Purchase Order or payment reference for invoicing purposes.  Joining instructions & a map (where needed) will be sent to you on receipt of your confirmed booking.

Hotel Accommodation for Wellingborough-based courses
We have negotiated some preferential terms & services for our clients at a number of local hotels.  Please request Hotel Details on the Course Booking Confirmation Form.  We would be pleased to look after the Hotel Bookings for you and can add the cost to the Training Fees.  Most of the hotels require us to make payment before you arrive to benefit from the discounts so we would normally need payment from you prior to the course start date. 

Cancellations & Postponements
Where a course place(s) are reserved for you/your people, we are making a commitment to keep the place(s) available.  We cannot therefore offer the places elsewhere.  We have a formal policy for handling postponements & cancellations & the details are set out below.

Cancellation Charges
Scheduled Wellingborough-based courses

In the event of a cancellation, the following charges per cancelled course place will be made.  A request to cancel must be received in writing/fax/email. 
You should not consider that any place(s) have been cancelled until you have made sure that we have received your request.  We will confirm the cancelled place(s) in writing within 1 working day of your request.

Full working days notice  % of course fees  Full working days notice    % of course fees
More than 20 days no fees payable    5 - 10 days   75%
16 - 20 days  25% Less than 5 days  100%
11 - 15 days 50%    

Special, customised or on-site courses
In the event of a cancellation or postponement, any request must be made with a minimum of 20 working days notice to allow us the opportunity to re-use the date.  An administration fee of 80 per course is payable to offset additional marketing costs.  Full course fees are payable if less than 20 working days notice is given & we are unable to re-use the date(s).

Postponement of courses
To postpone a place(s) on a scheduled Wellingborough course, the request must be made in writing with at least 10 working days notice.  An administration fee of 25 per delegate will be payable.  Normal cancellation charges apply if less than 10 days notice is given.  Period of notice commences at the time INTACS receives written confirmation.  A postponed course requires alternative dates to be agreed & the training undertaken within the following 4 months.  In exceptional & unforeseen circumstances INTACS reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course due, for example, to sudden instructor accident or illness.  INTACS also reserves the right to cancel a course subject to written notice to confirmed delegates not later than 10 working days prior to the course start. INTACS will not be liable for any consequential loss incurred by the customer or its trainees as a result of course postponement or cancellation.

Courses conducted by our Training Partners
Where courses are conducted for us by our Training Partners, their course cancellation & postponement fees will apply.  These are available upon request.  Please note, course cancellation & postponement fees can vary depending upon the actual course or where exam registration fees are applicable & FREE REFRESHER training will not apply.

Invoices for Training Fees are normally raised in advanced of the course.  Fees are based upon payment being received by us within 30 days after invoice date at the latest.  Should you be unable to meet these terms, please advise us at the outset & we will re-quote on your payment terms.  Interest on overdue accounts will accrue at 3% per month (or part). As an incentive, entitlement to take advantage of our FREE REFRESHER DAYS training is offered to delegates attending our PLC, HMI, Drives & Industrial Electrical courses (for a period of 24 months from the course start date) where payment is received by us no later than 30 days after the course start date.

For all UK based training, our fees and costs are quoted exclusive of VAT.  VAT at the prevailing rate must be added to all figures.  VAT REG. no. 550 750 750.

Unlike most major training organisations who require payment in advance, we accept payment in arrears.  We do, however, ask that you respect our request for payment within 30 days after the start of the course at latest.  Entitlement to FREE REFRESHER training (where offered) requires payment to be received by us within this time.

Unless agreed to the contrary, the normal training day for our Training Centre is defined as being 09.00 to 16.30.  Usually the instructor will discuss a slightly earlier finish time for the final day of a course & the missing time will be made up by extending the duration of the other days to compensate.  For customised or on-site courses, any changes to course start/finish times should be requested in advance to ensure smooth running of the course.

Health & Safety & First Aid provision
It is a condition of our acceptance to conduct on-site training that adequate Health & Safety & First Aid provision is available for our instructor on the site where the training is to be conducted.

On-site courses
For your convenience, courses can be conducted on your own site.  Where courses are conducted away from our Industrial Training Centre in Wellingborough, an additional charge will be made to cover instructor time, car hire and fuel.  Accommodation, subsistence and any transportation and insurance costs are also charged extra (at cost + 10%).  You will need a suitable room with 240V supply.  The room must also be secure and your site insurance will need to cover the hardware/software for the duration of the training.  Course fees are as standard but subject to a minimum fee based on 3.5 delegates attending.

Special or customised courses
To provide you with the ultimate in customised training, we can spend time prior to the course analysing your own PLC software.  Dependent upon the number of delegates and number of courses, there may or may not be a charge for this service

Discounted Fees
Where a company books more than 2 delegates onto the same Wellingborough based course date, the following discounts will apply:

3rd delegate, 10% OFF          4th delegate, 15% OFF           5th delegate, 20% OFF             6th delegate, 25% OFF

Course Lunches
For Wellingborough based courses, a light lunch will be provided.

Free Refresher DAYS
Where the offer of Free Refresher training is given, the offer only applies to participants who have attended one of our FULL COURSES & the offer extends to a maximum period of 24 months from the date of the course.  The free Refresher entitlement only applies to the delegate attending the original course & cannot be transferred to another person or company.  The FREE REFRESHER entitlement means that a delegate can attend our FREE REFRESHER DAYS which are scheduled throughout the year.  Refresher training will take place in Wellingborough.  Entitlement to Free Refresher training following attendance on a full course is conditional upon our receipt of payment within 30 days after the course start date.  Failure to observe this condition will invalidate entitlement.  There is a nominal fee of 50 per delegate/day to cover administration, refreshments & a light lunch.

Our Training PLUS scheme allows you to protect the training investment made in your people.  For a once only premium (30% of the training fee/delegate, paid with the  original training), if the person we have trained leaves your company within 3 years from the date of the original training, we will train the replacement person free of charge each time you have to recruit.  We will need a signed declaration from your HR or Personnel Department that the trained person has left your company (we do not cover vacancies created as a result of positive moves including promotion, change of job within the company or move to another site within the group) and that they do not return to the company within 6 months.  Full course fees will be payable if these terms are not met.

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