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Limited Funds

In far too many cases, well intentioned Engineering & Maintenance Managers fight to get funding from limited budgets to provide training for their people.

Time & Effort to get it right

Often the effort to get this far 'flattens the human battery' regarding the time & commitment needed to ensure the right training is arranged.  However, many in industry struggle on & still manage to find the time to talk through with possible training providers the type of training required.  Hopefully the right decision is made on choosing the right training provider & the training takes place as arranged.

So, a success then?

Unfortunately, not always.  The difference between successfully reaping the benefits of the training & equipping people with the new knowledge & skills to support & maintain production on-site & missing out very often comes down to what you do once the training course has finished.  Many training providers fail to think about this important part of the learning cycle because it is all about what happens back on-site & that's something they have little control over & that the customer does himself.

And that's where it can all go wrong

Usually, everybody is pleased that the training was successful & hopefully it was) & shifts & everything can now get back to normal.  People are busy & most often it is just assumed (like a course of treatment from the doctor) that the training will work.  And that's the danger!

What do INTACS do that's different

Call one of the sales team & find out how we ensure that companies are not left on their own to try & make the training work.  Consideration about what you need to do once the training course has finished is an integral part of the training service from INTACS Industrial Training.  We even give you the tools to make it work!


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