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PLC & Electrical Online Assessments

Do you know if your people have the skills to do the job?

INTACS PLC & Electrical Online Assessments

Industrial Electrical On-line Skills Assessments

Siemens & Allen Bradley On-line PLC Skills Assessments

In addition to our Industrial Electrics On-line Skills Assessments, INTACS have launched new Siemens & Allen Bradley Skills Assessments which you can use as an Interview Tool or simply to assess whether you have a Training Need within your own team.

No. of Assessment Passwords bought 10 20 30
Setup Fee £360 + VAT £360 + VAT £360 + VAT
Cost per Assessment £70 + VAT £60 + VAT £50 + VAT
Marking per Assessment £35 + VAT £35 + VAT £35 + VAT
Total cost £1410 + VAT £2260 + VAT £2910 + VAT

Each assessment can be run from the location & using the device of your choice. There are a pool of questions in which are randomised, so if two or more assessments are being conducted, the same question will not appear in the same order or possibly not at all in other assessments being run.

The pool of questions mainly require a written answer or have a large number of answers to choose from - our the thinking behind this is to minimise the luck on picking a correct answer.
This results in us investing time to read & answer each question, but as an important tool, we feel will further add to the beneift of running the assessments - whether it be for an interview tool, or to gauge skill levels.

On completion, each assessment is marked & along with the result, we provide a summary of where we; given our years of experience, truely feel the candidates strengths & weaknesses are.

Based on the outcome & intention of the assessments, we can discuss a suitable path to strengthen the skills whether it be with a training plan on courses we feel the candidate would benefit from attending, or boosting certain skills that can be improved using our Conveyor Models.

Each assessment is unique therefore each requirement for the 'next step' will be also, INTACS can help achieve those goals.

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