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INTACS has been providing top quality training on industrial control systems equipment since the end of the 1980s.  Our instructors are all qualified training professionals who have many years relevant industrial experience.

The training we offer is unbiased and
targets the real needs of people on the shop-floor.  We judge course content and practical exercises on what people need to know and be able to do to keep machines, lines and processes running.  Manufacturers' courses usually focus on the product itself and often only feature product strengths; weaknesses or areas of difficulty are not always covered satisfactorily.  Frequently these courses are also used as a sales opportunity with prices and comparisons between competitive products.

More importantly though, we have built into our courses a number of additional features which we believe really do make the difference. 
Check out Training PLUS, Key Checkpoints, Free Refresher, Pocket Reference Guides, Training Record Logs, Training Extension Packs, Training WORKS, SMM Programme and more, and we're pretty sure you'll have to agree that our courses are among the very best.

Scheduled Courses
All of our popular courses are scheduled to run in our Industrial Training Centre in Wellingborough at regular intervals.  The most popular courses are those which target the needs of maintenance personnel.  With production-cost losses of up to 10,000 per hour on many sites, it does not take too many breakdowns to justify the cost of training for maintenance people.

If the course you want or the date you would like does not appear to be available, just ask.  The schedules contain a minimum set of dates and we are often asked to arrange others that may not be shown.  Discounted fees are offered for Wellingborough-based scheduled courses if you are booking 3 or more people onto the same course date.  Discounts range from 15% off to a massive 40% off per delegate.

PLC Programming Courses
Increasingly, companies are wanting to know if and how they can improve the productivity and throughput from machines and processes.  Sometimes relatively simple changes to timing or sequencing can result in significant improvements in performance.

One of our course attendees, having completed both the Basic and System Expert Level Allen Bradley PLC courses, was able to return to site, analyse the operation of one of their production machines and recommend changes to the PLC program.  With approval, he re-wrote the program and doubled the output from the machine!  Now that really is a way to get the training to pay for itself!

Diagnostic Programming Courses
Diagnostic programming is about knowing what the PLC is capable of and using that power to trap or prove status, determine whether an event occurred, how often, etc., etc.  There are a range of techniques that can be applied to try and solve intermittent and more difficult problems and this course develops those skills through practical application.

Fast-trak courses for boffins
Our series of "Fast-trak for boffins courses" has been developed to address the needs of companies who already have people with a high level of expertise.  In such cases, and especially where people are using PLCs on a regular basis, it is possible to tackle a course on a new PLC system at a much faster pace.  The amount of time these people need to practice and assimilate new ideas or techniques is much less than for people who do not have the opportunity to practice regularly.

Customised Courses
Where a company has a minimum of 3 delegates who can attend a course at the same time, it can often be beneficial to arrange a course tailored to suit specific site needs.  The course can concentrate on the specific applications and hardware as installed, can take into account the level and ability of the delegates and can be tailored to target the particular knowledge and skills needed.

On-site Courses
For the convenience of our customers, we are happy to conduct the training on-site.  As with customised courses, there is a minimum group size needed to make this viable as there are some additional costs to cover instructor travel and living and any shipping expenses.  The real benefit of on-site training is that the course can include some time on the factory floor and there may be the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience using, connecting to and monitoring real systems.  The down-side is that delegates can sometimes be called upon and disturbed by colleagues needing help and advice.  We are also limited in the amount of ancillary practical equipment that we can transport to site.

Overseas Courses
We have a great deal of experience of developing and conducting training programmes for overseas clients.  During the last 10 years we have conducted courses in:

Europe   (Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain)

Middle East   (Saudi Arabia)

Africa   (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon)

We have even conducted PLC training for Chinese students through an interpreter.

If you are interested to know how we may be able to help you, give us a call and we can discuss the detail of your requirement.

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