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Some of the Key Benefits of INTACS Training:
Manufacturer approved
Because we run many of our courses on behalf of the manufacturer (for some we actually run their training business for them), many of our courses are manufacturer approved.
Guaranteed results
Because we are PLC training specialists with many years' experience, we generally know what the requirements are & how to deliver.  We're so confident that we can get your people to the level you need that we'll guarantee the results!
Training PLUS Scheme
Are you concerned about training your people only to see them leave to get a different job?  With our Training PLUS scheme, even if they leave, we'll train the replacement FREE OF CHARGE.
Training Record Log
During each course, progress & performance is monitored & assessed against a set of Key Checkpoints.  Both the Instructor & individual delegates are required to sign-off topics on the Training Record Log to confirm understanding & practical skill.  The Training Record Log accompanies the Course Certificate & ensures that both the delegate & the company understand the level that has been achieved.
Training WORKS
Our new Training WORKS scheme is designed to run alongside the Industrial Electrics & Control Fundamentals course.  Many companies have undertaken Basic Electrical or multi-skilling training in the past but have had no scheme set up back at the work-place to ensure that it would work.  Our Training WORKS programme provides you with the tools to realise the important benefits that this investment in training should bring & continues to work with & support you & your people for up to 12 months.
PLC Competency
For the different PLC systems that you have on-site, do you know what it is that your people should know & be able to do in order to work on & look after you PLC systems safely & cost-effectively?  And even if you do, do you have a system to monitor on-going development & performance for each of your people so that you know who knows what & what they can do.

Concern to meet current H&S requirements & to understand & be able to manage the risks or threats to production mean that these days COMPETENCY is crucial.  We provide you with the system & documentation to monitor & manage the ACTUAL SKILL BASE of your people.

With such a range of benefits on offer to support your people & back-up the training, we believe you will find it hard to get a better deal.

Specialists in industrial control systems' training & support - standard, customised & on-site options

 PLCs, Drives, Industrial Electrics & process instrumentation - approved by leading manufacturers

Providing industry with high quality & meaningful training solutions at competitive prices


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